Center for Conservation Biology

Selected press

“There’s a new tool in the fight against elephant poaching.” Smithsonian Magazine (Dec. 2016)

These misfit shelter dogs find careers saving endangered species. Mother Nature Network (October 10th, 2016)

Samuel K. Wasser, a Scientific Detective Tailing Poachers.” New York Times (June 13th, 2016)

“Seafaring dog follows an elusive whale trail.” Wall Street Journal (July. 2014)

Cool Jobs: Delving into dung. Scientists uncover fascinating secrets through the study of animal feces.” ScienceNews for Kids (23 Jan. 2013).

Canine Conservationists on the move.” The New York Times (05 Sept. 2012).

Tracking a Subtle Scent, a Dog May Help Save the Whales.” The New York Times (01 Sept. 2012).

UW Professor tracking down elephant poachers.” NWCN (24 Aug. 2012).

Sampson: A sea turtle’s best friend.” (22 Sept. 2011).

Agony and Ivory.” Vanity Fair (Aug. 2011).

Greatest Threat to Caribou Herd in Canada Isn’t From Wolves.” New York Times (27 June 2011).

Cheaper way to find Spotted Owls: Dogs?” Northwest News Network (3 Dec. 2010).

Tucker the dog sniffs out resident orcas.” KING 5 News (23 Aug. 2010).

Tanzania, Zambia Bid for Ivory Sales Nixed.” CBS News (22 Mar. 2010).

Sale of elephant-tusk stockpiles may encourage poaching, experts worry.” Seattle Times (11 Mar. 2010).

Special Dogs Assist in Wild Tiger Conservation Efforts in Cambodia.” Voice of America (22 Feb. 2010).

Oregon kayaker turns his extreme skills to conservation.” Oregonian (25 Nov. 2009).

Elephant poaching: Long negative effects.” (22 Jan. 2009).

Orphaned Elephants Forced To Forge New Bonds Decades After Ivory Ban.” ScienceDaily (21 Jan. 2009).

Whale Poop Analyzed For Clues To Orca Decline.” The Huffington Post (20 Dec. 2008).

Hormones Levels Reveal Clues to Orcas’ Health” Kitsap Sun (22 Nov. 2008).

Dog’s nose for whale poop big help to B.C. orca researchers.” The Province (20 Nov. 2008).

With dog’s help, clues to orcas’ decline found in whale scat.” Seattle Times (19 Nov. 2008).

Dogs with nose for scat answer call of nature.” San Francisco Chronicle (8 Nov. 2008).

Wildlife group applauds EBay’s global ban on ivory sales.” LA Times (22 Oct. 2008).

Right whales entangled by politics.” Christian Science Monitor (26 Aug. 2008).

DNA forensics may prevent elephant poaching.” Science News (21 Aug. 2008).

DNA Forensics May Prevent Elephant Poaching.” World Changing (20 Aug. 2008).

Could DNA Tell Us Where Smugglers Get Their Ivory?” Discover (6 Aug. 2008).

African elephants face extinction by 2020, conservationists warn.” (4 Aug. 2008).

Elephant tusks seized by authorities lie next to weapons used by poachers, including rocket-propelled grenades used against rangers who protect the elephants.” afrol News (2 Aug. 2008).

Ivory Poaching At Critical Levels: Elephants On Path To Extinction By 2020?” ScienceDaily (1 Aug. 2008).

Elephants on path to extinction by 2020?” Science Centric (1 Aug. 2008).

Illegal ivory network rocks Botswana.” Sunday Standard (13 July 2008).

Science goes to the dogs: A dog’s nose is a powerful tool for finding rare species.” The Bulletin (29 June 2008).

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DNA analysis helped target ivory poachers.” The Boston Globe (5 Mar. 2007).

How DNA Maps Could Save Animals.” Technology Review (1 Mar. 2007).

New study counters bid to commercialise ivory.” afrol News (28 Feb. 2007).

Increased Demand for Ivory Threatens Elephant Survival.” Washington Post (27 Feb. 2007).

CSI: Zambia.” New York Times (27 Feb. 2007).

DNA Detectives Track Elephant Poachers.” NPR (26 Feb. 2007).

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Illegal Ivory Trade Boosted by Angola Craft Markets, Conservations Say.” National Geographic (27 Oct 2006).

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Scat Dogs Earn Their Keep.” High Country News (16 Feb. 1998).