NGOs and Private Sector

Non-Governmental Organizations
Left: David Baisch (Researcher, Conservation X Labs)
Center: Chip Barber (Director, Forest Legality Initiative, World Resources Institute)
Right: Curtis Brown (Recently retired Law Enforcement Colonel from Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission)
Left: Paul Bunje (Co-Founder, COO/CSO: Conservation X Labs)
Center: Gregg Casad (Senior Compliance Advisor, WILDAID; Retired senior level marine policy position from the US Coast Guard)
Right: Mike Cenci (Senior Law Enforcement Advisor, WILDAID; former Chief of Law Enforcement, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife)


Left: Victor Deklerck (Research Team Leader World Forest ID, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew)
Center: Chris Emura (Executive Director, Engineering, Allen Institute for AI)
Right: Eric H. Fegraus (Senior Director, Conservation Technology, Conservation International)


Left: David Gehl (Manager, Traceability and Technologies, Environmental Investigation Agency)
Center: Phil Guillery (World Forest ID)
Right: Hal Holmes (Lead, Conservation Product Engineering, Conservation X Labs)


Left: Rod Khattabi (Grace Farms Foundation)
Center: Meaghan Parker (Science Officer, Forest Legality Initiative, Forests Program, World Resources Institute)
Right: Mary Rice (Director, Environmental Investigation Agency UK)


Left: Ted Schmitt (Director, Conservation and Product Manager for Skylight, Allen Institute for AI)
Right: Jay Thiagarajan (Director of Engineering, Allen Institute for AI)


Private Sector
Left: Paul Elkan (Maisha Group)
Right: Charlie Watkinson (Operations Manager, Agroisolab – UK)