Center for Environmental Forensic Science

Non-Governmental Organizations

Note: Website is currently under construction as it transitions from the Center for Conservation Biology to the Center for Environmental Forensic Science.  Some content may be unfinished or changed in the upcoming weeks.  Thank you for your understanding.

Left: David Baisch (Researcher, Conservation X Labs)
Center: Chip Barber (Director, Forest Legality Initiative, World Resources Institute)
Right: Paul Bunje (Co-Founder, COO/CSO: Conservation X Labs)


Left: Victor Deklerck (Research Team Leader World Forest ID, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew)
Center: Chris Emura (Executive Director, Engineering, Allen Institute for AI)
Right: David Gehl (Traceability and Technologies Coordinator, Environmental Investigation Agency, Inc.)


Left: Phil Guillery (World Forest ID)
Center: Hal Holmes (Lead, Conservation Product Engineering, Conservation X Labs)
Right: Rod Khattabi (Grace Farms Foundation)


Left: Meaghan Parker (Science Officer, Forest Legality Initiative, Forests Program, World Resources Institute)
Center: Mary Rice (Director, Environmental Investigation Agency UK)
Right: Ted Schmitt (Director, Conservation and Product Manager for Skylight, Allen Institute for AI)


Left: Jay Thiagarajan (Director of Engineering, Allen Institute for AI)